Universal Islamic College of Chicago

Academic Studies

Welcome to our newest program at the Prayer Center of Orland Park where each student will get solid knowledge about Islam in the main ten fields of Islamic Studies.
This academic program is meant to prepare each student to pursue a degree in Islamic studies with what is an equivalent of a 30 credit hours in a college degree. Topics like Creed, Hadith, Tafseer and more will be taught on a weekly basis both on campus and online by a group of qualified instructors and in both languages Arabic and English.
Register in person at the Prayer Center Office or download Registration form and email to imamhaitham@op-pc.org.

Academic Studies Offering

Islamic Theology and Philosophy

This course aims to give a general understanding of the foundations and pillars of Islamic Faith and its metaphysical philosophy. Read more

History of Islamic legislation

This course includes an Introduction to Islamic legislation, definition, sources of legislation, historical phases, features, … Read more

Acts of worship course one - (Fiqh)

This course covers acts of worship in Islam (rituals) in areas of prayer and fasting, such as purity, ablution, conditions and types of prayers, … Read more

Arabic Language Courses

These courses will be taught in Arabic language … Coming soon

Meet our Instructors

Haitham Alzamareeh (PhD), Universal Islamic College of Chicago
Kifah Mustapha (MA), Universal Islamic College of Chicago
Karen Danielson (MA), Universal Islamic College of Chicago

Why you should enroll?

A USA based College that combines Islamic Studies, Arabic and Education.

Registered in the State of Illinois and seeking accreditation.

Professional teachers in this field graduated from well-known universities worldwide.

Academic professionalism and teaching methods that fit the needs of the community.

Flexible hours, subjects taught in Arabic and English.