Special Needs Services

Here at OPPC, we want to make certain that we continuously strive to make the masjid and our programs accessible for all members of our community; this includes those with special needs. In order to fully understand what must be done, we first need to discover what challenges we are currently facing, which will position us to be able to provide opportunities for involvement into our masjid and community as a whole.

To assist in this initiative, we would love to know how OPPC can serve our entire community better. If you or someone you love has a physical or intellectual disability, please fill out this needs assessment survey.

OPPC currently provides the following accommodations for those with special capabilities:

  • Braille Qur’an
  • Sign language interpreter at select lectures and khutbas
  • Dedicated Special Needs Facilitator
  • Wheelchair accessibility

OPPC is officially certified through MUHSEN, a non-profit organization that strives to create a better understanding of disabilities in our communities and building a better future

If you would like to inquire more information, please contact our Special Needs Facilitator at afarhan@op-pc.org

Aiman Farhan