Friday Night Live

Ages: Guys & Girls In High School

Time: Fridays, 6-8 pm

Location: Lower Level Masjid

In an age where the minds of the youth are possessed by mainstream society’s ever changing trends, and their souls sold to electronic devices, week after week, our youth undergo the unforeseen spiritual challenges of life……..until along comes a program unlike the rest!

Friday Night Live is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is a free program that serves to encourage, inspire, and motivate the Muslim Youth of the community to form an identity and develop a strong foundation in Islam and a connection with God. It is through building a strong brotherhood and sisterhood that we can revive the hearts of the younger generation and allow them to be on the fronts of Islam leading the generations to come.

The FNL team consists of a group of committed young adults who are driven by serving the youth and making a positive impact on the community. With a team of diverse personalities, FNL creates an attractive and fun, but yet educational atmosphere for High School teenagers to enjoy themselves on a Friday night. The program is filled with Islamic reminders, lectures, interactive segments, discussions on current events, Q&A and much more!

The Friday Night Live program was established in February of 2014, and has grown tremendously as it has gained popularity throughout many high schools in the area. Many of the original high school attendees have gone on to serve as leaders in other youth programs, and some even as leaders of the FNL program itself. Others have taken it upon themselves to become active in volunteering for philanthropy events and social justice causes. FNL has also had a significant impact on the spiritual growth and development of many of its attendees, as it has inspired some to become consistent in their prayers, some to wear the hijab out of personal choice, and others to travel across the world to further their studies in Islam. These are just a few of the many testimonies that display the type of leaders being shaped by programs such as FNL.

To get reminders and notifications for FNL, text “@hsmypc” to the number 81010.

Watfae ZayedProgram Manager