G.P.S. (Guidance, Practice, Serenity), is a monthly program that is dedicated to enriching the young adult Muslim’s life and experience with the masjid by raising awareness about relevant religious, social, academic, self-improvement and self-growth topics. It falls on the 3rd Saturday of every month. We seek to bridge the communication gap between the masjid and program attendees, as we endeavor to consistently collect feedback and suggestions for providing masjid programs that caters to their needs. We hope that this program will serve as a platform for our college students and young adults to not only expand their Islamic knowledge, but to enable them to grow and fervently love Islam through getting to know Allah SWT in a way that will bring happiness and fulfillment to their lives and the hereafter.

To get more information about our next GPS event, text @gpsoppc to 81010!

Waed SalemProgram Manager