High School Enrichment Team

The High School Enrichment Team was created in March of 2016 to provide entertaining and enriching activities for high school students. The program consists of two groups which fulfill the needs of both male and female activities.There is a group of girls that plan events for the high school girls and a group of guys that plan events for high school guys. The whole team works together to provide events that are engaging and exciting for high schoolers. There is a minimal requirement of at least one event for both ladies and gentlemen every month. Past successful events consist of a concentration on a certain social activity such as sports, social gatherings, field trips and more. We have events such as volleyball tournaments, dodgeball tournaments, parties, bonfires, picnics and much more. The team now has a Twitter account to advertise for events as well as acquire feedback from the audience about the events. The High School Girls Enrichment team is currently led by Jana Hamad. Contact her at (708) 374-2364 or at janahamad00@gmail.com.  The High School Boys Enrichment team is currently led by Khalid Alrufati. Contact him at alrukh0515@gmail.com or (708) 717-8858. To receive reminders for all High School Enrichment events text @hsoppc to 81010.
Khalid Alrufati