High School Guys Saturday Halaqa

Ages: 13 and up

Time: Saturdays 6 – 7 pm

Location: Main Level Prayer Hall in the Masjid


The High School Guys Saturday Halaqa started approximately the same time as the masjid. It is the “grandfather” of our programs as it used to be the only program the Masjid used to offer. It was led by Ahmed Mustafa, and many of his students are still part of MYOPPC running their own programs. The Halaqa is so important to the structure of youth programs because it gives a strong foundation of Islam to American-born Muslims. It gives them a grounded identity in being a Muslim and an American. The Halaqa is every Saturday after Dhur (1:00 pm). Many topics are addressed in the Halaqa including the Life of Muhammad (SAW) and how to incorporate it into daily struggles that Muslim teens are facing. The Halaqa is led by Yahkob Fayyumi. He can be reached at 708-228-2721 or jfayyumi@gmail.com. Text @hsoppc to 81010 for reminders.
Yahkob Fayyumi
Text @hsoppc to 81010 for reminders.