Jr High Enrichment Team

Ages: 9-13

The Junior High Enrichment Team was created in January of 2015 to provide enrichment activities for junior high kids ages 9 – 13. The ultimate goal of these activities is to create a bond among the youth and provide awareness about the other programs available to them where they may then take that next step and become active members and participants of the Tuesday Night Live program.

The Junior High Enrichment Team consists of two groups which fulfill the needs of both male and female activities. There is a group of girls that plan events for the junior high girls and a group of guys that plan events for junior high boys. Past successful events consist of a concentration on certain social activities such as sports, social gatherings, field trips and more. We have had events such as volleyball, dodgeball, basketball, football, bowling, trampoline parks, movies and much more.

To receive reminders for Junior Enrichment events, text @jhoppc to 81010. The  Junior High Girls Enrichment team is currently led by Mayce Hassan. For questions, contact Mayce at maycehassan16@gmail.com. The Junior High Boys Enrichment team is currently led by Aymen Azhari. For questions, contact Aymen at azhari6aymen@gmail.com or 708-790-2279.

Mayce Hassan