New Muslim Support Group


The New Muslim Support Group’s  mission is to  identify and support the needs of new and long-time reverts, and those newly reviving their faith and practice by offering weekly classes and additional events/activities for spiritual and educational development as well as fellowship. The Committee shall make special efforts in maintaining relationships with those who have recently made Shahada at OPPC.

Study Group

Friday evening classes designed to support and teach Islam and Arabic language in a way that compliments practice of worship, increases knowledge and understanding as well as creating an environment that nurtures community.

Some Topics Discussed

  • Tafseer (Explanation of Quran)
  • Seerah -Life of the Prophet (saws)
  • Hadith study
  • Tazkeyya (personal development)
  • Contemporary Issues & Challenges

Programs  Offered

  • Gift Packages
  • Shahada Certificates
  • Men basketball Tournament
  • Brunch
Elham Atieh
Phone: 1 (708)-860-0022


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