Project Salam

Project SALAM (Student Associations Leading the Advancement of Muslims) is a program established in 2013 that is distinctive from other programs offered by the Prayer Center. This program currently supports 12 High School Muslim Student Associations (MSA) across the Chicagoland area. The goal of Project SALAM is to train young adults to become leaders through their local MSAs by offering them the mentorship, resources, and opportunities needed in order to create or revive, and then maintain, Muslim groups in their schools.

Through Project SALAM, MSA leaders are able to properly plan weekly meetings at their schools, attracting audiences that have ranged up to 60 attendees. These meetings create an environment at High Schools where Muslim youth can engage in discussions, gain knowledge and participate in educating the non Muslim community around them about the true beauty of Islam.

The MSA leaders of Project SALAM have also branched out beyond their school grounds, leading dozens of service projects in their local nursing homes, and soup kitchens. They have also raised funds to build wells, sponsor orphans and support countries in need.

The target audience is high school students who are involved in their MSA or students who want to strengthen their leadership skills. The program meets monthly.

Hiba SandoukaProgram Manager