Quran Academy Preschool

This program focuses on character building skills and qualities that will eventually surface in student behaviors and actions towards each other and within the community at large. This program ensures to envelop developmentally appropriate teaching practices to embed skills necessary for children 18 months to 5 years of age. Over the span of two years, students memorize the thirtieth chapter of the Quran with tafseer, and aqaed. They memorize, understand, and apply selected ahadith and duaa that reinforce Islamic values and daily manners. They are introduced to the basics of Arabic speech, letter recognition, and establish Arabic reading and writing skills using the latest educational techniques.

Meet Days: Monday – Friday


Morning Session8:15am – 11:30am

Afternoon Session: 12:15pm – 3:30pm

Full-Day Session: 8:15am – 3:30pm

Half-Day Session: $350 Enrollment Fee + $420 Monthly Tuition

Full-Day Session: $450 Enrollment Fee + $780 Monthly Tuition

*Registration fee required at time of enrollment + one month tuition held as a deposit.