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Islamic divorce contracts are arranged exclusively by appointment at the Prayer Center. The following prerequisites must be observed:

  1. You must provide legally finalized divorce papers from the civil court.
  2. The husband must be present to sign the divorce papers. In exceptional cases, remote communication via phone may be considered as an alternative to in-person appearance.
  3. The wife is required to discuss any outstanding dowry details with the Imam, either in person or through telephone communication.
  4. There are no charges associated with Islamic divorce services, but voluntary donations are greatly appreciated.

For Marriages Originating Outside the United States:

  1. If your original marriage took place outside of the United States, obtaining a US civil divorce will not automatically dissolve the marriage conducted abroad. You have two options:
    • Grant power of attorney to someone in the country where the marriage occurred to facilitate the divorce process there.
    • Submit the final US divorce decree to the embassy of the country where the marriage originated to formalize the dissolution and clear your name from the overseas marriage.
  2. If the husband signs the divorce papers, regardless of the petitioner’s identity, it is considered an approval of divorce.
  3. In cases where the wife initiated the divorce, and the husband was not present in court when the divorce was finalized without his consent, we will contact the husband to address the situation. If the husband declines to visit our office to complete the divorce process, we retain the authority to proceed with Talaq Al-Tafreeq, or the enforced separated divorce status, after a thorough review of each case.

To schedule an appointment please contact:

Imam Kifah Mustapha

Imam Jafar Hawa

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