Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Islamic divorce contracts are offered at the Prayer Center by appointment only. The requirements are the following.

  1. Must bring divorce papers finalized from the civil court.
  2. The presence of the husband to sign the divorce papers. In rare cases, phone calls instead of in-person appearance will suffice.
  3. The wife must communicate details of the delayed amount of dowry with the Imam, in-person or per phone communication.
  4. There are no fees required for the Islamic divorce but donations are graciously welcomed.

Important information regarding marriages originating outside the United States:

  1. If the original marriage was conducted outside of the United States, the US civil divorce will not clear marriage overseas. People have two options:
    1. Give power of attorney to someone in the country marriage originated in order to have the divorce take place there.
    2. File final US divorce decree with the embassy of the country where marriage originated to clear name from marriage and file divorce.
  2. If divorce papers are signed by the husband, regardless of who was the petitioner for divorce, we consider it as an approval of divorce.
  3. If the wife was the petitioner and the husband was not present in court and divorce was finalized without his approval, we will contact the husband to check on the matter. If the husband refuses to come to our office to finalize divorce, we reserve the right to go for Talaq Al-Tafreeq or the enforced separated divorce status authorized by the Imam upon reviewing each case individually.

To schedule an appointment please contact:

Imam Kifah Mustapha

Imam Jafar Hawa

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