Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Islamic marriage contracts are offered at the Prayer Center by appointment only. The requirements are the following.

  1. Must bring a marriage license from Cook County court. Please notify us beforehand if you live outside of Cook County.
  2. Both the groom and bride must bring a valid photo identification card such as a passport, driver license, ID card, etc.
  3. The Bride must be accompanied by her father or guardian.
  4. Must bring two Muslim male witnesses to sign on the contract.
  5. An amount of dowry (Mahr) between the two families must be agreed prior to the marriage ceremony.
  6. The Islamic ceremony cannot be conducted on the same day the marriage license is obtained from the court. By law, 24 hours must pass before conducting the marriage ceremony.
  7. There is no fee for the Islamic marriage ceremony but donations are graciously welcomed.

To schedule an appointment please contact:

Imam Kifah Mustapha

Imam Jafar Hawa

Imam Haitham Alzamareeh

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