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اجار، أجورا، أجرٌ، يأجر، استأجر

To reward, pay wages, hire or employ.

The word has been used mainly in the Quran in relation to the rewards Allah (SW) will give His servants on the Day of Judgment. The best example is the famous statement said by many prophets and messengers like Noah, Hud, Salih, lot and Shu’ayb: {I do not ask of you any reward for this. Indeed, my reward is only with the Lord of [All] the Worlds} 26:109.

But the word also came in relation to the concept of hiring. In the story of Moses asking for the hand of one of the daughters of Shu’ayb, the dowry was the completion of being hired for service for eight years. {I wish to marry you to one of these two daughters of mine, provided you hire yourself out to me for eight years. And should you [decide to] complete ten [years], then it shall be of your own [free] will} 28:27.

Other words that meant reward in the Quran were:

  • Thawab: ثواب
    • It means something that returns. The rewards are the outcome return of the deeds.
    • For example: Allah (SW) said: {And with God is the most excellent reward} 3:195
  • Jaza’: جزاء
    • It means to cut a portion of something and give. The rewards are distributed on people who deserve them because of their deeds.
    • For example, Allah (SW) said: {Is the reward of goodness [to be] other than goodness} 55:60
  • Ma’ash: معاش
    • It originates to the meaning of life. The rewards bring the life at the Hereafter because of the deeds.
    • For example, Allah (SW) said: {Therefore, shall he be [eternally] in a life well-pleasing, in a lofty Garden [of Paradise]} 69:21.

By Sh Kifah Mustapha


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