Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

does a dream cloud ever dream
does it think about the endless possibilities
does it dream itself to infinity
does it dream itself into reality

does a dream cloud ever disappear
does it sleep and then reappear
does it disintegrate out of fear
of knowing, to reality, it will not adhere.

does a dream cloud ever die
does it have a proper burial or leave after the blink of an eye
does it need a dreamer to survive
does it need a dreamer to stay alive

does a dream cloud really exist
does it feel and see what is hidden
does it support us through thick and thin
does it deceive us into delusion

does a dream cloud precipitate
does it cry raindrops when it is not our fate
does it try anything to compensate
does it hide in oblivion and evaporate

does a dream cloud run when being chased
does it play like our goals are games
does it stay inside on a rainy day
does it stop talking to us and go away

does a dream cloud stay up all night
does it try to keep us in a happy state of mind
does it project nightmares when we fight
does it make us forget what happened and say, “nevermind”

does a dream cloud try to become a part of reality
or does it just dream
By Mariam Ramahi


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