Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

SubhanAllah! To think that it has been two years without a Ramadan that we have been used to, is surreal. The hearts of the believers have been longing for the doors of the masajid to open. Once again, Muslims everywhere will flood the houses of Allah. As we ponder on this very scenario, we can’t help but to ask if what has happened changed us? Now change is inevitable, we all change and evolve. The question is, has the effect of covid changed us for the better? Many of our loved ones will not be with us this Ramadan, and we are reminded yet again how short life is. This world as we know, is temporary and will fade away like everything else except He ﷻ who has created it and everything/everyone in it. Because this world is transitory, we must recognize that we’re here for a purpose. Ramadan comes around every year to remind us of that purpose, and that is to worship our creator.

Worshipping Allah ﷻ doesn’t only entail prayer and fasting. Worshipping Allah is dynamic. Ramadan is a month of change, a month of mercy, a month of forgiveness, and these are just some of the ways we can worship Allah ﷻ. Allah ﷻ describes to us that the main purpose of our fasting is “so perhaps you will become mindful of Allah.” {2:183} If all we got out of fasting is living a life in which Allah ﷻ is on our minds constantly, then we have succeeded. Being mindful of Allah ﷻ is having the ability to constantly ask yourself every step of the way if Allah ﷻ is pleased with your actions. The things we say and do are all being recorded and will not be forgotten, and we will be held accountable for it all. Ramadan comes around to remind us to repair our broken hearts, to mend our broken ties, to break our bad habits, and to revive our relationship with Allah ﷻ. When we have mercy with those around us, Allah ﷻ will have mercy on us. When we forgive those who’ve harmed us, we remove the poisonous diseases from our hearts which allows us to have a sound and healthy relationship with Allah ﷻ. Let us enter this Ramadan with a new and improved lens. A new outlook on life. A Perspective that allows us to be optimistic rather than pessimistic. A perspective that ultimately gives us hope rather than despair. If we want change from this blessed month, we must initiate it. The changes we make will ultimately alter not just our relationships with those around us, but with ourselves, and most importantly with Allah ﷻ. Let us not underestimate the effect of those who’ve we wronged and how that will leave a mark on our hearts. The heart is ever evolving and that’s why our beloved prophet ﷺ used to always ask Allah ﷻ to make his heart firm on this path. If it’s not firm in regard to the affairs of the people, how can we expect our hearts to be firm with Allah ﷻ? May Allah ﷻ keep us firm in faith and allow this blessed month to be a month of change; change in our actions and change in our hearts.

Sheikh Hassan Natour


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