Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Ring! Ring!

Aunt Amal: As-salamu alaykum

Sarah: Wa alaykum as-salam, how are you, my dear Khalto?

Aunt Amal: I’ve been doing great alhamdulillah. How has your family been doing? How is your    neighbor?

Sarah: Alhamdulillah, everyone has been doing well. We are planning on going to Uncle Mohammad’s house this weekend. Can’t wait to meet the new baby, Layla!

Aunt Amal: Me too! I’m so happy for them and she is truly adorable!

Sarah: She sure is! Uncle has been wanting a baby girl so badly and now Layla is surely a big bundle of joy for him!

Aunt Amal: You are so right. He is truly a lucky father!

Sarah: My mom is just sal-leeying right now, but I can have her call you when she is done inshaAllah.

Aunt Amal: She’s what?! ‘Sal-leeying,’ is that even a word?

Sarah: Yes, of course! There is also sooming and iftaring.

Aunt Amal: What is happening to you? No language is being used correctly!


Lesson Learned: Do not add ‘ing’ to the end of Arabic words. It does not make it right!

By Nour Shihadeh



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