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The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Many view feminism as a sensitive topic, and the reason why is because some find it intimidating or insulting. Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights based on the equality of the sexes. A lot of times, the label “feminism” receives an odd reaction from those who associate it with the negative connotation its opponents have associated it with. Not all feminists are women; feminists can be of any gender. We fight for not only women’s rights, but for anyone and everyone who isn’t heard and treated equally.

Feminism is the belief that every human should be treated equally, and all should have the same rights within society. Feminism holds that all members of society should have access to the same opportunities. Feminists are not aiming to strengthen women, but to enable society to realize that we are already strong.

Also, many might think the goal of feminists is to put males down, but in fact, it is the opposite. Feminists are aware that men too, face expectations associated with stereotypical male gender roles, and if they deviate from these expectations, they are looked down upon.

Feminism is here only to prevent all these unfair and false expectations and inequality that, unfortunately, lives amongst us. Feminists believe that as human beings, we should be viewed based on our individual strengths and capabilities, rather than the strengths and capabilities that are expected from our gender.

The ideology isn’t meant to scare others into hating anyone who labels themselves a “feminist” because it’s all about love, equality, and most importantly, individuality. We celebrate individuality because that is what is most important. Who you are as a person is what will always matter most.

The greatest enemy to the progression of our society is the ignorance and arrogance within ourselves. This is not a call to action, it’s a call to reflection. Let’s take a moment and address our own implicit bias. Why do we interrupt our sisters and lend an ear to our brothers? Why is it when a sister stands her ground, she’s obnoxious and out of line? However, if our brother does the same, he is admired for expressing leadership qualities. We don’t do this with the intention to hurt our sisters, but it is the outcome. As human beings we should always try to empower our sisters to be brave and to stand strong.

By Summer Radwan


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