Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

I see my hands – palm open upward and clean
I re-offer myself to God and all that it means to be
I re-surrender to nothing in this life
Except by exception through acceptation all that is good
That which He would have me have
A lightness of spirit as chains
made of pain, born of color and cultural clash fall.
My body floating to the surface of life
catching His light
I breathe deep
I rise
I look
in the eyes of life and see me.
I am all I was meant to be.
By He.
Beautiful and whole
Hair long
Flowing ringlets in the wind
Brown, brown skin
Guitar in hand
I stand void of man
Smiling of love
Flowing, pouring from my mouth creating a pool
At my gentle feet
As I step to the beat
of His song
My pulse plays along
It’s my soul
I see my conscience floating upward towards His light far, far away from the drudgery darkness – a heartless world.
A world which enslaves then devours the souls of young and old
A world of sad hearts and hands grown cold with nothing to hold
Not shiny and green as He would have it mean
Ahhh what bliss to be afloat amiss all of this
Finally a resting place
A no testing place of peace
Only His face
A warm glow start
burning through scarf
settling in the heart
Then circulating – forging through brain and vein alike.
Light upon light
A radiant warm glow
The soul knows it knows
The glow
It MUST be akin to the state of peace just before we sleep
When every soul crosses over into His world every night
taking flight
An isra mirage
Wrong or right
We are gifted all that

By Donna Neil-Demir


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