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In the age in which hard work is a rarity and the easy way has become the only way of getting the job done, the audacity to achieve the greatest of achievements is still present. Is it ethical for individuals to set their mind to achieve the greatest result when there is minimal sacrifice or effort demonstrated?

There is a growing disparity between what young people expect to earn and how hard they will work to achieve their expectations. The ultimate normality of thought has become one of minimal work but high expectations. The thinking process that is prevalent with the lack of ambition paired with the ultimate goals of achieving the very best takes away from the growth of an individual. One cannot just lie around and expect to achieve the greatest of achievements without matching with the effort that is necessary to accomplish their goals. One’s ambitions and goals go hand and hand, without one the other takes the brunt, thus affecting the quality of the resolution being achieved. When one matches the mental drive to do well with a work ethic, the result will allow for the greatest likelihood of success. Mentally prepared, the only obstacle in the way of achieving true growth as a problem solver and accomplishing goals is the work that is sacrificed for the purpose. Success bears the two-fold of mental preparedness to take on any problems that may arise and the work ethic to pull through an uphill struggle.

The desire for success paired along with the diligence to achieve allows for the greatest opportunity of attaining what is sought. Therefore, one must not lose sight of opportunity when the path begins to get tough, rather conforming to change, and allowing for the greatest improvement. For example, if one individual seeks a job that provides great wealth, it is easy to get lost in the illusions of all the material possessions that will be owned and all the great memories that will be made. The sacrifices to achieve that great triumph are neglected, and the endless hours and failure after failure that will allow for true happiness are disregarded.

How can one taste the sweetness of success if the work that goes in to achieve it is not understood? The reality is that failure is an inevitable piece of life, and is usually looked at with disdain before its significance is understood. Through mistakes, one may learn what has been done incorrectly and how to improve and avoid making them again. When one looks to the goal instead of focusing on the path to achieve it, the mind becomes full of everything that is sought instead of the actual work obligatory to achieve it. The human mind is very interesting when it wants something, no matter what it is; time becomes a lost principle. Rather than setting out a plan to act upon an aspiration, the result rather than the work required to achieve it becomes the prominent thing in mind.

Many people want to be at the top of the class, attend the greatest university, and possess the greatest job that will provide for loved ones. When it comes to action what separates the good and the great, and the great from the best are those who truly put in the work to perfect their niche.

To quote the great John Wooden, “Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.” One must fuel the ambitions for the greatest of potential with the work ethic to make that state of mind a reality.

By Abdalrahman Ahmed


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