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Believing in the Day of Judgment is one of the six articles of faith in Islam. Jibril (AS), when he came in the shape of a human being, asked the prophet (SAAW): “What is Eman?” The prophet (SAAW) answered: “To believe in Allah, Angels, Books, Prophets, Day of Judgment and Qadar.”

Part of the belief in the Day of Judgment is to believe in the signs leading up to it. These signs, mentioned by the prophet (SAAW), could be historical events that relate to the relevance of time in drawing nearer, or it could be the increase and societal acceptance of moral, ethical or social diseases.

The loss of purpose

The prophet (SAAW) said: “The Day of Judgment will not start until no one will utter the words Allah, Allah on earth.”[1] This Hadith speaks about the reasoning of existence for human beings to know God. And if no one is going to believe in God, then there is no purpose for such existence to continue. This concept is supported by another Hadith by the prophet (SAAW) as he said: “The Day of Judgment will not fall onto but the evilest of people.”[2] In the holy Quran, Allah (SW) uses the term (Khalifa) successor as humanity owes itself to produce one generation after another that shall believe in God, and ordain good, and forbid evil, instead of shedding blood and causing mischief. {I am placing upon the earth a [human] successor [to steward it]} 2:30.

The loss of human sanctity

When Ibn Masoud (RAA) was asked by people that we understand the concept behind the parable of killing humanity if you kill one human because it is as if you attacked the human right to exist, but how can one bring life to someone and thus it is as if he brought life to humanity? They were referring to the verse where Allah (SW) said: {And whoever saves a life it shall be [reckoned] as though he has saved the life of all humankind.} 5:32?

He replied: “To believe in its sanctity.” The idea of not causing harm to humans through bloodshed or mischief is by believing in the sanctity and dignity that Allah (SW) granted humans. Such loss of this concept is predicted through revelation by the prophet (SAAW) when he said: “Chaos shall spread prior to the Day of Judgment.” People said: “What [kind of] chaos?” He said: “[Much] killing, it is not about you killing enemies rather killing each other until one will kill his neighbor, his brother, his uncle and his cousin.” People asked: “Would we still have our minds [sound] at such time?” The prophet (SAAW) said: “Much of human [sound] mind will be lost from people of such time and they will be replaced by worthless people who each assumes he has logic to matters but indeed has nothing [of sensible logic.]”[3]

The worthless leaders

Humanity has survived on values of ethics and morality such as honesty and trustworthiness that were passed from one generation to another across all religions. The more humanity comes closer to the Day of Judgment, the more such values are lost among people. The prophet (SAAW) said: “There shall be deceiving years, the traitor shall be trusted and the trusted shall be doomed as a traitor, and the liar is declared honest and the honest is declared a liar, and the (Ruwaibidah; ill experienced or uneducated shepherd) shall speak out.” People asked: “What kind are such Ruwaibidah?” He (SAAW) said: “The worthless of people talking on public matters.”[4] This Hadith speaks clearly about the loss of true leaders who can take on important matters of human responsibilities and substituted by worthless people who bring no benefit nor prevent any harm.

Our role

With such signs being mentioned by the prophet (SAAW), it is our role to make sure to preserve values that keep the dignity of humans, the sanctity of lives, and the values of ethics and morals for our kids, one generation after another.

At the Prayer Center, our programs are meant to educate and nurture our youth in order to instill these precious values to protect them, keep them safe from harm, and train them to hold steadfastly onto their faith throughout the journey of their lives, insha Allah.

As we begin this new year of 2020, we ask you to help us protect our community by bringing your kids to the Prayer Center programs, and let us work  together for a better future for us all.

By Sh Kifah Mustapha

[1] Muslim

[2] Muslim

[3] Ahmad

[4] Suyooti


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