Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Imagine bliss, joy, and happiness were the only thing you knew
You no longer understand sorrow, no longer feel lonely or blue
All your worries, hardships, and obstacles have been lifted
You’re in a whole new world, your priorities have been shifted
You’re no longer working for that A
You’ve overcome every trick of shaytan trying to lead you astray

And you’ve finally made it.
You stayed firm on God’s path; never gave up. Never quit

Even though, sometimes you fell
You’ve sinned so much you knew you’d surely end up in Hell
Every time you picked yourself up, you fell back to your knees
Until you realized His infinite Mercy
Every time you sinned
You repented
You went to Him walking and He came running
You formed a true connection, not a phase or a fling
Until He was the One you were striving to please
Until you endeavored all the hardship for an eternity of ease
With every catastrophe that came crashing down you stood firm
Now, ‘Verily with every hardship comes ease’ Jennah has confirmed
Because it was the hardest moments that got you here
Those nights you couldn’t take it anymore and you turned to Him in tears
All the days you faked a smile as your world fell apart behind the scenes
This was the price for a life fit for kings and Queens

ادخلوها بسلامٍ أمنين
“Enter Jennah in peace and security”, you finally know what that means
Never again a feeling of discomfort or unease
Nothing but beauty that will continue to increase
With houses made from pearls
And gems, rubies, and diamonds replacing pebbles
With understanding and love between all of its inhabitants
The greatest gift of all befalls everyone present
Those who did good in the Dunya
Will be rewarded with good and so much more in Jennah
“I am pleased with you today and forever”
It’s time to be rewarded for your obstacle-filled endeavor
He says as we finally witness His glory
Nothing to hold you back, you’re completely free
All that was once impossible is in the grasp of your hands
Angels in the thousands waiting on all your commands
Every dish, every super power, every anything you’ve ever desired
After a long hard life, in Jennah, you’ve finally retired

Now, nothing else matters
The memory of all your pains is nothing but a blur
You’re finally happy.

This isn’t fiction. This can be our reality.

By Tuka Rachid


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