Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Post Ramadan can be a transitional phase, and how to implement those 29/30 days of spiritual highs into your normal everyday routine. Those big iftars that we frequently attend turn into dinners on the go with no satisfaction or appreciation of a hot meal or sit-down dinners. We fill our mind and stomach up and can quickly begin to lose track of our real purpose.

When we come out of Ramadan, naturally we can feel good and renewed, but it can quickly crash and we can become flooded with those same feelings that we felt before Ramadan. To stay focused, it’s always critical that we ponder those feelings we would get during hours of fasting, that moment when you say bismillah and break your fast, those rewarding sips of water as the sun sets.

Rushing to taraweeh and those 9 pm cups of coffee, praying qiyam and staying up till fajr. After a spiritual month we can have a spiritual high for a couple weeks, but it does fade and we can easily pick up old habits. But even if we find ourselves going back to old ways, it is beneficial that we implement even the slightest change, even a thought or a small action can have an effect on the bigger picture.

By Lilian Maali


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