Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Wow Falastine you’re so beautiful.
It’s a shame, you’re not displayed in your truest form.
Give me a chance to show you off to the whole world.
I mean, don’t you know you’re better than these other girls?
Don’t you know how strong you are, with all your potential?
You carry around with you, you’re something special.
There is no reason to keep it on the low, so confidential
Because the land that you are, is so influential.
Can’t you hear them?
They want to be just like you.
They want to be Falastine, they never felt this true.
From your olive tree to your curvy streets
to the rich soil that makes your heart beat.
And when your heart beats, mine beats too.
When your land bleeds, I bleed too.
I mean, I understand that you’re damaged and you’re hurt inside.
But I really want to help, I want to make it right.
Believe me Falastine, I’m not these old dudes.
That like to use your name for views, in today’s news.
That like to disrespect you in all kinds of ways.
That like to push you down and call you all kinds of names.
That make you feel lesser than who you truly are.
I’m sorry for all the time they broke your heart.
I’ll do my best to mend the pieces that have fell apart.
Just so I can see you smile under these bright stars.
I want to take the time to thank you, for being part of me.
As I am glad to be a part of you, Falastine.

By Hasan Hussein (Wizduhm)


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