Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

I came across this post and it was the most fear I have ever endured

I could feel the goosebumps on my skin

My breath trembling by the overlying shock


Artists and photographers like to really capture a picture in ways we may never understand

Yet, for this specific photo, the message was clear

Examining the photo and not just the words, but the true message revealing itself to me


Picture numerous graves aligned

Each tombstone the exact same no difference whatsoever

The true message of the post was overpowering


It specifically stated “Can you tell who’s got the most money? Or who’s the most popular? who’s got the most respect or power? Can you tell who has the prettiest face here, who had the most clout/ attention? You came from a sperm-drop, behave, and have a look at your bed.”


Just like that, my mind was spiraling through my thoughts

Being struck by the words that floated across the photo

At this moment I was truly terrified when I had read those words


What frightens me the most though…

Is knowing that when people come across such visuals

They do not take a moment to blink or even think what the message portrays


I understand that some people are truly motivated to be a better Muslim by what they see, hear, and feel

Yet, some people…

Take them as just another message, this world has corrupted them from recognizing that this life is not it


Visualize a boy, same age as you, maybe mid-teens, biggest drug dealer around

He sees his own father lying on the ground gasping for his last breath

It took the death of his own father to truly change his path


Remember that when signs are presented to us we must take them in order to truly learn

It should not be when a traumatic event takes place that we learn to better ourselves as Muslims

No, it should be before any tragedy strikes us

Each day we live will be a day we get to choose who we truly want to be and who we truly should be


We all came into this earth from nothing

All in the hands of Allah (SWT)

Remember we will all leave this earth as nothing besides our corpse

No luxury

No riches

No house

Just our body that will decay limb after limb

At the end of the day, our beds will be our graves


“Some of them listen to you: but can you make the deaf hear if they will not use their minds? Some of them look at you: but can you guide the blind if they will not see? God does not wrong people at all, it is they who wrong themselves.” [10:43-44]


By Ayah Isa


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