Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

fasting is cleansing
fasting is lending
your thoughts to a greater state of mind
outside of pretending
that you can keep living your life without fearing your ending
and prepare your body for the future of ascending.

fasting is cleansing.

fasting is cleansing
fasting is fending
against demons who are threatening
you with reasons to reach your
and tasting the fire of each level of Hell
as you’re descending

fasting is cleansing.

fasting is cleansing
fasting is defending
me from some demons, but not those inside of me attending
my psyche,
lack of purpose and monotonously living are blending
all the prayers I pray and duaa I say
I’m trying to believe in, am I comprehending
that fasting is cleansing
my fasting is cleansing
when we’re fasting we’re cleansing
the process of disciplining myself by eating the sweetest slice of piety over pie, I’m dieting, I’m cleansing
fasting is cleansing.

fasting is cleansing.
fasting is ethnic cleansing
for the demons who think my mind is a 24 hour diner, my service to them is never ending
so I fasted and told them I was cleansing
and put the sign on the door that said,
“Closed for Ramadan, Eid hours are pending.”

By Mariam Ramahi


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