Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Dear Someone:
This is for you
The one reading this
The one in need of a friend
Feeling lonely
Feeling as though you have been forgotten…
The shy and timid Muslim
The one who disappeared from the community out of fear.
The one who has no support because you were raised by a family that does not practice
The one who lives in a dark cloud of negative remarks said by others..That you are starting to believe.
The one who feels as though no matter what you do, you are never going to be good enough for the rest.
The one who feels as though your life is too hard to continue…
This one is for you.
You need to know something,
You’re not alone.
You have a friend.
You have a sister
You have a brother
You actually have billions.
You are not alone.
The obstacles in your life represent love
From who?
Allah SWT.
Allah loves you so much that He gives you the toughest test, He knows you can handle it.
Allah loves you so much He blessed you with a noor that is so bright everyone around you feels happy.
Allah loves you so much that He guided you to Islam even though everyone in your life was against it!
You will always be important to those around.
You will continue to inspire others without realizing it.
You are extraordinary.
You are inspiring
You are my sister,
And You are not alone.

By Yasmeen Sheikah


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