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The thing about people is that, when they are faced with an obstacle, their first instinct is to automatically act in rage. Instead of taking an outlook that obstacles will be a beneficial concept, we decide to view them in an adverse way. I believe we live in a world that contributes to each person’s lives. There are multiple different views on the world and what effect it may take on each person, yet what we do not understand is that life is supposed to be hard.

Imagine if we lived in a world that was full of rainbows and unicorns; imagine living in a world that was full of peace; these factors would be prodigious, but there would be no room for lessons to be taught. If we lived in a world where everything came easy to us, where would that get us in life? I believe we benefit from the hardships that take place in our lives. Conflicts can cause us to be responsible, understanding, sympathetic, but most of all insightful. I understand that when one goes through a problem in their life it may seem that every negative aspect is taking place. It will create a feeling of ache, a feeling as if every little thing is falling apart. No matter how small or big the problem may seem we should be able to look at the good and outweigh the bad. The lesson is not to see how well you will handle this problem that Allah has handed you, it is the test to see what it does to you. Will this problem that entered your life cause you to see your life in a new way, or will it simply spiral you into a better you, or will it cause you to become bitter and view the world negatively?

How well will you adjust to this problem that has occurred? A great example for this would be how carbon goes through extreme pressure and heat, and from all that heat and pressure the outcome is a glistening diamond. We should use that example and apply it to conflicts because at the end the outcome will be amazing.

Every day we live will be full of conflicts, but the way one handles them will define their character. Character being our qualities that contribute to who we are. Every person will go through stress, pressure, and guilt, but one must be able to face these encounters with courage. In order for one to truly face the problem they should have the ability to say “Alhamdulillah” for everything that is given to them no matter what is going on. As Sara Minkara, a blind speaker and advocate for disability inclusion, stated, “Our struggles are actually blessings.” The ayah that Allah does not give us obstacles that we cannot handle should encourage us because He created us in the strongest way possible so absolutely nothing could ever break us down.

By Ayah Isa


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