Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

They are placed into wheelchairs due to their inevitable aging; each beautiful wrinkle carved by God to showcase how many years they have been privileged to believe.
How many years they have been dependent on Him.
Never giving up on the one thing that has stayed with them throughout the entirety of their lives.
Their faith in God.
I envy them for their strength.
How strong they have been through everything that has been hurled their way.
How strong they are to overcome their physical pain, and never let go of their love for Allah (SWT).
How strong they are to be so selfless, even in times where they should be thinking of nothing but themselves.
And in part, I believe their strength comes from these moments given to them by God to keep them going.
I watch them as they have these moments.
The moments that seem to come more often as the years go by.
The moments that emanate peace and tranquility throughout their souls, embodying them in a calmness that cannot be described.
The moments where their eyes burn with a fiery passion, and their mundane misery is completely stripped away.
The moments when they radiate in the remembrance of God.
Noorun ala Noor.
In these moments, they remember the long nights spent in their youth, standing and praying toward a God that they knew would always be there for them.
In these moments, they reminisce being able to bend their bodies in such a way that they could prostrate to their Lord.
The Lord they never doubted, even though He has never been seen by them.
The Lord whom they spent hours talking to in their times of utter despair and hours thanking in their times of complete gratitude.
As their bones grow brittle, and their minds weak; their hearts continue to strive toward a never-ending goal with every beat.
One where they can finally be reunited with their Creator.
One where they may finally find eternal peace.
I am forever grateful for them and what they have taught me.
I learn from them.
I learn from their moments.
I hope and pray that one day I may be half as good a Muslim as either one of them.
My sitti and sidi.
I love them.
And so does He.

By Noor Zegar


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