Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Has the world fallen into madness?

To many, it has been for years, and the rest of the world is just realizing so…

But the people of Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, and other countries already know what madness is

They already know what suffering is, and there’s no chance to prepare for the chaos to soon come



Have some pride before you go hogging every piece of bread you can get your hands on

Think about those that could only dream of that bread in your grocery cart

To many, toilet paper is the last thing they worry about because that is nothing but a luxurious dream

Don’t be selfish, be selfless


Imagine all of your resources for nourishment and your rights stripped away for just a moment

Just a sip of clean water would make their day

Just one cinching taste of freshly baked bread

Just a view of the sun illuminating the sky

Just a tune of the bluebirds singing in the morning

Just one simple day of P E A C E

This is what people dream during chaos and madness, and what some take for granted

Their reality is dreaming of a day without bombings, deaths, crying, and violence

A day without F E A R


This is not a time for us to panic

This is not a time for us to lose our sanity

Think about those in other countries living without basic human rights

Think about how they’ve managed to live with less than the basic necessities

Think about how they’ve struggled for decades and for many, lifetimes

Think about how they’re feeling

Think about how you’ve only had a mere taste of what madness looks like


You think you know fear? There are people that only know what fear is because they live it

So no, DO NOT freak out, DO NOT go insane, and DO NOT hoard everything

Your own neighbor might really need that last loaf of bread or bottle of sanitizer to survive

We don’t know how long this will last

We don’t know how bad this will be


Remember, this is when we need to stick together the most

Remember that we’re lucky to have the luxury of grocery shopping and an Internet connection

Remember that you have a home for shelter, protection, and warmth

Remember that you have enough food, water, and medicine

And remember that people all around the world, and even those in your own community can’t say the same for themselves

Remember that we just don’t know yet…

By Ayah Isa




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