Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Take me back to when I was a child

Where the only thing I feared was hurting myself on the playground

Can you see it?

Do you taste it?

Can you feel it creeping in on you…

“Fear” is the inevitable

Growing up from the stages of an infant to an adult

We are taught that fear should be looked at as a “weakness”

Yet, tell me why?

Why should we allow our




To be held back out of fear

Everything in this world is frightening

You are in control

You have the power to take

Matters into your own hands

Allah (SWT)

Gave you that power

I want you to believe that you can do it

The ones who laughed at you

Wished they could be like you

The ones who told you that you were too naive

Wished they could have the imagination you carried

The ones who hated on you

Wished they could have succeeded as you

Reach for what you truly desired

Become who you want

There is only so little time…

Do not hesitate out of fear

“Fear not Allah is always with you.” (20:46)

By Ayah Isa


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