Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

I’m sick of the rain, fed up with all the thunder.
I want good pain, me, I want the sunburn.
Me, I want that feel good hurt, good love, good vibes,
I just want to say “I’m good” when they wonder.
I pray to God that He keeps me focused,
And give me a chance to cut my hands on the roses.
Just to keep me in place, thank You for all Your Grace.
Mama should only cry with a smile on her face.

I want to feel heartbreak,
And even though my heart aches, at least now I know what love is.
Or what love isn’t?
It was there but I must have missed it.
I’m sorry God if I seem distant.

But I’m just a bit confused, and You’re the best of planners.
So, I’ll be sitting here waiting patiently for You to answer.
Please bless me.
Let me pass when You test me,
and If I fall, would You catch me after?

I know I’m asking for a lot and I don’t mean to disturb
but I’m hurting, and I don’t know where to turn.
If I’m on the wrong,
can You take me off, and put me on the path of the right?
Can You assure me that my future is bright?
And if it’s dark out,
Can You please show me the light?
Will You tell me that I’ll be alright?
But if I’m being tested well, then that’s okay.
Because I want nothing but good pain.

By Hasan Hussein (Wizduhm)


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