Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

I am a Muslim,

Yes I am,

I can eat those eggs-

But not that ham!


If you like spicy,

Or if you prefer sweet,

Keep makin’ sure bacon’s

Not part of your treat!


So when you decide to eat big,

And hear “bon appetit!”

Remember that pigs

Are not something we eat!


People live where it snows,

And live where there’s sand!

And wherever you go,

Smile wide and shake hands!


From North Africa

To Pakistan,

From Indonesia

Into Al-Sham


Some say “Hello!’

Some, “What’s up man?”

But the Muslims know

To say “Salam!”


No matter where you go,

No matter what land,

Just remember Allah,

And trust in His plan!


So if you’re eating at home,

Or you make any plans,

Remember this poem

And don’t order the ham!


By Kenny Childers

(and a Muslim near YOU!)


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