Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

you planted me as a seed ِفي الارض
I sprouted with your roots attached to me في قلبي
now I have a full stem with leaves but your care will never leave me
it’s in my petals for your eyes to see
‎قرة أعين, I’m the garden for your wisdom to breed
I’m the garden that shelters the ones who bleed
they grow wings in heaven and become الطائرين
we don’t forget where we come from, I don’t forget ابي من فلسطين
remembrance is my resistance, when I am cut, I plant and grow like olive trees
دمي تسرب كالزيت
but my land will breathe
it is my hands that knead
faith for the starving to feed
it is my hands that sew the legacy
for you to wear as a heartbeat, a pattern like تطريز
it is my land that grows the fruits, البرتقال الحزين
it is my land that cries out to the world
البحر يحمل الملح من دمعي
it is my land that grows in my heart, موطني
I don’t forget the soil I come from
I don’t forget the clay I am created from
nor do I forget the Creator
and that His masjid is my water
quenches my thirst, اشربي
prayer is my oxygen, صلِّ
I rise with the iqama, the Imam makes takbir and reads
I listen and recite, آمين
By Mariam Ramahi


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