Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

You’re exhausted from trying to be stronger than you feel.
You’re hungry, not starving, but can’t eat a meal.
You’re hurting, not physically, but mentally I see
You’re sad, you say “pain radiates through me”
They say stars can’t shine without darkness
But the stars are so distant you feel hopeless
If you wish upon a star your dreams will come true.
But you’re running out of them and don’t know what to do.
If you could make a wish, you would take it all away.
If you could make a wish, you’d be happy today.
You’re starting to believe that dreams don’t come true.
You’re starting to believe there’s no hope for you.
The world doesn’t understand how people like us feel
But we understand, so together, let’s heal.
You my friend understand this pain,
You and I know that life is no game.
There’s stress, anxiety, and depression too
But you know that there is a place for you.
A place full of peace, love and happiness,
A place where you are calm, and worry less.
A place you can breathe and feel alive,
This place is within you, your soul, your mind.
You see it’s all in your head, the problems you face.
This world is not easy, nor is it safe.
You have to dig deep and see that you’re great
Trust yourself before it’s too late.
Life is too short to wallow in the past,
So live your life with happiness, and make it last.

By Yasmeen Sheikah


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