Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Oh Allah for I am lost

For I am confused

For I need You

Did You hear me calling on You the Almighty?

I needed You to hear me

I am at my breakage

I have not seen sunlight for the days have passed

My heart is weak

I have dug myself into the darkest of holes

My thoughts have consumed my body

What day is it today?

Just another pointless day

“For I am Worthless”

Holding myself captive in my own room

Burning sensation of a little sunlight makes me go crazy

“For I have gone MAD”

Did I do this to myself?

I caused my own unhappiness

For I do not understand

“When did it get out of hand”

One day I was triggered by my own burdens:

Where I Lost All Hope

Where I Only Ever Felt Ache

You become So Numb

That you believe

All of your Emotion is gone


At my last

I got down and prayed

As the Tears Rushed Down

My face

I called on You

“Oh Allah”

“Oh Allah”

“Oh Allah”

Please hear me

“Call upon Me; I will respond to you.” ( 40:60)

My prayers were heard

I saw Sunshine

I felt Content

By Ayah Isa



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