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The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Oppressed, Submissive and Voiceless?  Muslim women are often represented as a collective. Yes, our faith binds us but we are not all the same. Not all Muslim women wear abaya. Not all Muslim women wear hijab. Not all Muslims are from the same country or even speak the same language. Muslim women are all shades of color, ethnicities, cultures, styles, hobbies, occupations and experiences. Every Muslim woman is a unique individual with her own story. We are often labeled oppressed, submissive or voiceless. I, with your help, want to challenge the stereotypes and misrepresentations of Muslim women in media.

My project, I Speak For Myself, is a video production with the purpose of giving Muslim women a chance to control their own narrative and share their stories. My project will showcase the diversity and celebrate our differences. I want to showcase women of different ethnicities, races, cultures and personalities. I would love for girls to share their stories with me so I can share it through my documentary. Not only to challenge the stereotypes but also with the hope of inspiring other Muslim women to speak up.

It’s not only open to Muslim women. If you are interested in joining to learn or support, you can also join as an ally. As an ally, you would be taking a stand with and showing support to Muslim women.

Visit ispeakformyself.net for more info or to sign up.

Muslim women sign up to section labeled “I SPEAK FOR MYSELF”

Allies sign up to section labeled “WE STAND UNITED”


CONTACT: Reem Alshoweat

Email: alshoweatreem1@gmail.com

Phone number: 708-955-4681



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