Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Where am I?

I was confused and more, so lost on where to go

This peculiar building wasn’t just any hospital

It was edged down in the corner

Seemed as if it was tipping over

I imagined how it was built

The creator had to have an imagination

My feet were moving but my body was drifting

I stood in the elevator, passed out of shock

“Excuse me miss I believe it’s your floor”

That sweet woman woke me from my nightmare

Or I should say ReALiTy

Turns on every corner as if it were a maze

That old guy in the waiting room who reminds me of a monkey by all the hair he has on his face

Yup, I’m going the right direction

“ICU that way”

EXIT sign flashing

Should I make a run for it?¿

Let my fear get in the way?

As I entered your room

I could hear your heart beating…or maybe that was mine from how nervous I was

You looked so helpless

I was devastated to know that I couldn’t help you

There was absolutely nothing possible for me to do

Besides pray… that Allah (SWT) eased your pain

Can you hear me?

“I am so sorry”

Can you hear me?

“I love you”

The doctor pulled me aside…

He said “I’m sorry ma’am, you are in control of making this decision.”

The ultimate decision, I was responsible

Would you ever think that you would have to make the decision on pulling the plug on your own loved one?

All the pain fading away from your soul

As your face turned to a bright yellow

That sweet smile on your face

As I saw you gasp for air, taking your last breath

I whispered “I love you”

I whispered “we will be reunited one day, Inshallah”

By Ayah Isa


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