Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

I burn from the flames of the other…..hot, hot

I think I understand
I didn’t ask but it’s what
I’ve got -a lot.

I am clear and I am strong

I turn, twirl and whirl, in a world of decadent delusion forming a
false fusion
wrong illusion
of life

A tree bearing fruit with
rotten root
rotten root.
Don’t eat
don’t eat
false fruit falling
at your feet
at your feet

I think I understand

Hold on tight to what is right
You already know in your heart
It’s been said from the start
He whispers it again and again
ONLY friend
only friend

And you’ll meet a few along the way…they’ll stay
to hold your hand
and understand
for a while
for a while.

Love’s road is long and winding
It goes, goes and grows
in a way
In a way
which deceives
but receives
much in return.
But don’t look for return
look for the flow
as you go
as you go.

You WILL know and be near with open heart, open heart.

For love is a visionary far beyond itself.
with eyes looking back to what was and wants.

With child grown Mother sees a babe in her arms
Life in between and all its harms
doesn’t matter
doesn’t matter
A withered weary wrinkled old-soul smiles warm not cold

When seen through sweet eyes
of love
of love

I am clear and I am strong

I push ahead
move along
move along
love’s road
unstrap my heart lighten
my load
MY load.

For being a candle is not easy

By Donna Neil-Demir


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