Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

My name is Hasan Mohammed Hussein but a lot of people mispronounce it
In the movies it is pronounced antagonist
While the news pronounces it terrorist,
To an Uncle Tom I’m an alien, although I was born an American.

My teachers call me hason, hasaine
But I see that they try, so I let her slide,
Because I know that it comes from pure intentions.

I repeat, my name is Hasan Mohammed
Hussein- “hussein? so you’re like related to Sadam? Right?”
Yes he’s my uncle from my dad’s side twice removed, you ignorant piece of shhh-settle down.

As a child I was too Arab for the white kids,
And the Arabians said that my arabi was too “imkasar” so we were never able to bond.
In the airport my name became random selection
My name became rejection, objection, diseased, infection
To the point where I thought maybe if I change my name they will pronounce it as acceptance.

But the more I grew up, the more I appreciated my name,
And I learned that your name doesn’t define you,
But the actions you make give your name meaning.
Your name should never be a limitation.

Your name is your greatest accomplishments
And my actions changed my name to college graduate.
Your name is what you love, no matter what others think of you.
So my actions changed my name to poet.
Your name is what you stand for and everything you believe in.
So my actions changed my name to Muslim.
Your name is your future and everything that you are meant to be,
And I will monitor my actions, until the pen writes my name as

Every trial and tribulation, every smile and inspiration,
Of every second of everyday of your life is put into your name.
So why not make the actions count.
And don’t give a chance for someone to mispronounce your name.
But if they do.

Say what’s my name, and then I prove it to’Em
Say what’s my name, and then I prove it to’Em
Say what’s my name, not like Rihanna and Drake
But scream “what my name” like one of the greats, Muhammed Ali, May he Rest In Peace, and then
Prove it to’Em.

Because my name will be
But before I can change the state of mind of anyone, I have to make sure that my mind is on straight.
My name one day will be
and I will teach my kids that their name is a crown and they should wear it proudly.
My name one day will be
InshAllah, if God has that written for me.

What’s my name, I stand and scream it loudly
What’s my name, I’ll say it twice if you doubt me
What’s my name, every time I say it, I say it proudly
My name, is Hasan Mohammed Hussein, so tell me,
what’s your name?

By Hasan Hussein (Wizduhm)


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