Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

-Oh how this ummah has changed
-Going to the hookah bar
-Instead of
-Going to the masjid
-Spending nights doing haram
-Instead of
-Spending nights doing qiyam
-People will look back and see that we were
-The ones that messed it up
-And not
-The ones who saved the ummah
-They will see that we were
-The ones that ignored prayer
-We were never
-Self Conscious of Allah
-Cuz we were always
-Neglectful Of the deen
– we were never
-We were always
-Complaining about life
-Because we were never
-Thinking about the akhira
-We were always
-Wanting things now
-We weren’t thinking about
-Changing for the better
-We started
-Forgetting about Islam
-We will never be
-Remembered with success
-We will always be
-The loser generation
-No one will say we were
-The best of generations
-People will know we were
-A joke
-Haram was
-something we always did
– Following Islam was
-Something we forgot
-Haram was
-all that we followed
-They will know that it’s
-That Islam
-Was a path less traveled by. And
-Haram’s path,
-Was the one we picked.

But what if we turned it around….(Read bottom to top)

By Kyse Zorab


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