Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

I want to feel free

I want to feel like me

But people wonder how can that be

When I’m “tied down” to this religion

That strips me of what makes me, me

People say I’m oppressed

People pray for my liberation

But what they don’t know is

God is the only one that makes me feel whole

God is the one who makes me feel free

God gives me the strength to run

Towards His light

That guides me

Because God doesn’t need my prayers

But this hole in my heart

This hole in my life

Can only be remedied

Through conversation with the Almighty

My life is weighed down by my responsibilities

And the only relief I feel

Is conversation with the only One who understands me

Understands my struggle

Understands my pain

Understands that all these thoughts in my brain

Can only be told

To the One who

Mends my soul

So, no I’m not oppressed

Or depressed

Because of this religion

That offers peace

In a world that beats

Me down to dust


I turn to a God who raises me up

By Maryam Mohamed


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