Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Take a moment to reflect on how beautiful it is to be a Muslim. To be known as the world’s second largest religion. To have the sanctuary that not many people can say they have.

The best part about being a Muslim is when we get asked questions about our religion because we then get to educate those with the knowledge they have not been exposed to.

We all probably get questions when it comes around the time of Ramadan, such as what is it? Why do we do it? When we get asked these questions, we want to have full knowledge so we can benefit others by being able to answer their questions and to help them not only understand what it is to be a Muslim, but to truly understand who we are as people.

Ramadan is our holy month where Muslims around the globe fast from dawn to sunset. It is the month to give our full attention to Allah. We should take Ramadan as our opportunity to move our mind from impure thoughts and acts, where we should self-reflect on who we are and who we really should be. It is the holiest month where all doors to heaven are opened.

Ramadan is our way of being able to cleanse our souls. Fasting is supposed to open our eyes and hearts to the ones who are less fortunate in this world. We are supposed to view this month as a lesson to contribute for us to truly be grateful for what we are given in this world. There are people out there in this world who do not know what it feels to even drink a sip of water, yet we complain about the smallest problems that occur in our life. Ramadan should be looked at as a reward, for us to take a moment and truly be grateful for the place we are all in and thank Allah for allowing us to be a part of this time. One thing we do not understand is even though this month is a month for us to erase all sins, we should get used to not repeating old habits, to actually prosper and thrive through the new person we have created ourselves to be. Let us continue to worship Allah, allow ourselves to be guided on the right path, to understand that this life and everything we do is only temporary.

The ones who complain that they wish they were not Muslim is a true shame because we were born into the greatest religion of all. Do not view that being a part of Islam restricts one from doing what they want, it simply restricts us from doing what is haram, and we should be thankful that Allah would want us to only do good. To everyone Inshallah you each have a great Ramadan, but most of all use this month to gain reward, to truly worship Allah, to erase sins, to create a new path for yourself and to continue life by thriving.

By Ayah Isa


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