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People who make a difference are very clear in who they are and what they are doing. The level of change in “making a difference” for them depends on the universal values they carry which are not limited to time, place or ethnicity.

These people originate their approach to “make a difference” on the basis of understanding the ultimate truth behind everything. This truth was summarized in the first verse that Allah (SW) revealed to Mohammad (SAAW): {Read, [O Prophet,] in the name of your Lord who has created} 96:1.

The three pillars for those who want to “make a difference” were identified in this verse. You are the chosen one destined to make the difference. You need to read so you can understand the “difference” to “make.” The “making” is to help everyone understand that Allah is the One who has created. This is the truth from which every fact in existence originates.

The Quran shall be the guide, and Mohammad (SAAW) is the example. {Truly there has [now] come to you from God a [guiding] light and a clear Book. By it God guides whoever follows His good pleasure along the pathways of peace. And, thereby, He brings them out from the [veils of] darkness into the light- by His permission. Thus does He guide them to a straight way [of salvation]} 5:16.

The truth has been spoken and the example has been demonstrated, and with the truth and the example, peace and salvation shall be enjoyed.

Now, how can we bring these pillars of life into reality so we can “make a difference?”

  1. Tailor your garment of certainty by the threads of knowledge; for doubts are ever flying their kites around you. {Most surely, no indeed! If only you could know the knowledge of [the utmost] certainty- [that] you shall, most surely, see Hellfire! Again, you shall, most surely, see it with the eye of certainty. Then you shall, most surely, be asked [to give account] that Day for [all] the delights [you have enjoyed in life]} 102:5/8.
  2. Color your garden in Heaven climbing the rainbow of righteous deeds. {[As to] one who does righteous deeds, whether male or female- while being a believer- then [it is such as] these who shall enter the Garden [of Paradise], forever provided therein, without measure} 40:40.
  3. Enjoy true life; for pleasure will deceive your conscience beautifying the prison of desires. {O you who believe! Answer God and the messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life} 8:24.
  4. Say: “Ya Allah;” for hearts beat in tranquility by His remembrance. {These are the ones who [truly] believe and whose hearts grow calm [with assurance] at the remembrance of God. Most assuredly, it is by the remembrance of God that hearts grow calm} 13:28.
  5. Rise in patience; for Allah’s guardianship will carry you. {So be patient, with your Lord’s decree. For you are ever under [the care of] Our [watchful] Eyes} 52:48.

By Sh. Kifah Mustapha


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