Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Am I worth it or am I worthless?

Can I make sense of a situation that impacts me?

I don’t understand

Why it is so hard to chase dreams?

Are dreams meant to stay dreams?

Repeat after me, No.

I try but nothing is being accomplished, does that make me a failure?

Repeat after me, No.

So if I try and don’t succeed do I just give up?

Repeat after me, No.

Let your actions speak





Don’t stay in defeat

Stand up for yourself

Stand up for your dreams

Because if you don’t stand up you won’t change

And change is the best no matter what day and age

You can keep wishing but you have to let yourself grow

Grow slowly and bloom into what is seen as your best self

Because when you Change, you change for the better

Repeat after me, I can and will!

By Nour Shihadeh


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