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Most of the time, we fail to realize that we cannot ever fully grasp the Quran. We can keep trying, but no matter how many times we go through a surah, we will always find another extravagant lesson or heart-touching meaning behind it. The Quran is like an ocean; No matter how many times we dive back in there, we will not be affected by the same droplets as the last time. Sometimes, however, we get distracted and we end up feeling like we are hearing the same thing over and over again. It begins to seem more like a repeating record. There are numerous ways to get past this. One of the easiest ways involves taking advantage of the stories given to us in the Quran. It just so happens to be that when we see the formal way the Quran is structured, we become overwhelmed. Nevertheless, once we hear someone giving a lecture on it and incorporating the story of a surah, it seems so much more real to us. Take advantage of that. If you cannot read the Quran and make it into something you can grasp yourself, seek the help of others.

One particularly common story in the Quran can be found in Surat Al-Qasas. In this profound surah, there is a story about Prophet Musa unintentionally taking the life of another human. More often than not, we see this story as an example of how even prophets, with the high status they have in the eyes of God, made mistakes. However, there is so much more to this relatable story. In fact, we can see it as a story of the value and sacredness of human life in Islam. We are told by God in the Quran that, even though Prophet Musa was defending an innocent civilian, as soon as he had realized that he caused such harm, he repented. Even though the soldier that Prophet Musa hurt was out for blood, it was not his duty to take the soldier’s life. Life and death are powerful forces in the hands of the Almighty. As Muslims, we are expected to defend our vulnerable and innocent brothers and sisters in humanity by stopping violence, not by adding fuel to the fire. These are but a few other subtle lessons to take from this insightful story of Prophet Musa. If we look at any story in a different light, we just might come across a new lesson equally significant as the first, if not more so.

By Aydah Nofal


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