Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

I’m going to be extremely blunt, our generation is in serious trouble. We care more about the amount of followers we have on social media rather than the friends themselves. We care more about Snapchatting our food, instead of actually consuming it and feeling thankful. It’s sad that some people actually forget the fact that there are others starving in this world. People show off their expensive cars that cost loads of money, but when was the last time they used that money to help someone in need? Teenagers treat their parents, teachers, and other adults with an outrageous amount of disrespect, and don’t feel as if they are doing anything wrong at all. Apologies are almost extinct. A person is so easily offended, yet so hard to forgive. But why? Why is it so hard to let go of grudges? Why is it so hard to put the phone down? Forget about the followers and become a follower, a follower of Allah SWT. Why is it so easy to throw away the food instead of sharing it with our fellow brothers and sisters that are in desperate need? Why do we show off our money instead of giving it to someone who needs a home, food, or medical attention they can’t afford. Why, and since when, is it okay, to disrespect our elders? Mothers, fathers, teachers, adults you do not even know, should all be treated with respect. Jannah lies under the feet of your mother, yet some people treat their mother as if she is just a maid. Why are any of these things happening in our generation? Why is it okay? Why are we slowly becoming the most ignorant generation on Earth? We need to change this. All of this. We need to volunteer more. Share more. Be there for each other more. If we all unite and do our very best to change the direction our generation is heading in, we can change the world. This can only happen if we are all in, are you?

By Yasmeen Sheikah


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