Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

i didn’t know
you’d stunt my growth
i was locked up
like i was on death row
death row, dead rose
a flower stuck inside
where gardens won’t grow
fake plant, synonymous with faux,
factory-made, no water, no air flow
no system at work, no photo-
synthesis, it’s a no-go
no growth.
my insecurities show
like they’re on a litho
picture that, no growth.
pictured that in slow-mo
recurring thoughts like a promo
advertising the fact that i have
no growth.
i look at other flowers
and wonder what they have that i don’t
why do they grow but i
do you know
cause i don’t.
i’m down in the dumps, hit an all time low
i live in the slumps, rodent in a burrow
i’m deep in this hole
it’s impossible to stem out and
i just want to go.

why can’t i grow?
can’t i grow?
i can’t grow.
pick the dandelion out and
wish for my growth
even though
i’ll be gone before you know.
before i can

by Mariam Ramahi


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