Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Isn’t it beautiful how we all develop through different stages?

It’s beautiful how as adolescents we are learning how to discover the person we are deep down

Discovering one’s true self is like a two-way mirror

A mirror functions in two ways

One way is it shows us the reflection on our physical attributes

Second way works by getting us to truly think about who we are in that moment

In that single moment we stare at the mirror

We see our reflection and we continue to stare

What do you see?

Is it just your reflection?

What do you really see?

Look deep within…

Who are you?

Look at the mirror again and tell me what you see?

No physical traits, not your glowing beautiful skin, and not your green, glistening eyes

Take a look at the mirror again and tell me what you see?

Do you see the real you that was unraveling to be born?

Do you see the face of guilt and doubt?


Do you see the face of honor and loyalty?

Have you lived up to the expectations of Allah (SWT)?

Have you lived up to the expectations that you set for yourself?

Lose yourself

We all do at some point

What is important is, did you come back from it?

Let realization strike and mold you into the greatest version you can be

Now, take one last look in the mirror and tell me what do you see?

By Ayah Isa



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