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The Prayer Center of Orland Park

ATTENTION AMATEUR MOVIE MAKERS! The deadline has been EXTENDED! And the contest has been opened to ALL AGES! (Is that the sound of applause? A STANDING OVATION!)

OPPC is ready to discover your talent. Just make an ORIGINAL video, 1-5 minutes long, highlighting an Islamic theme. Make us laugh, make us cry, but make us proud!

Choose any film genre or tv style: Drama, Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi, Documentary/Mockumentary, Mystery, Western, Fantasy, Talk Show, News, Soap Opera, Bollywood, Animation, Stop Motion, Claymation, Silent Movie, Public Service Announcement, etc.

Make sure your video has a title and end credits!

Is making a movie highlighting an Islamic theme hard to think of? Heck no! This is our everyday life. It could be about family values, friendship, being a good neighbor… It could highlight certain attributes such as Patience, Justice, Mercy… It could  warn against wrongdoing such as lying, stealing, spreading gossip… Just throwing a few examples out, but YOUR idea will be EPIC!

The winner(s) receive CASH prizes; their video featured in THE INSIGHT E-NEWS; their video posted on The Prayer Center YouTube channel ‘OPPC PRODUCTIONS’ AND have a chance to join our new MEDIA TEAM!

One lucky winner may even be chosen to have his/her video featured at The Prayer Center ANNUAL DINNER in December!

Submit your ORIGINAL video to cmartin@op-pc.org or aydah.nofal@op-pc.org.

Include your full name, telephone # and email.

Anonymous submissions will NOT be eligible.

Last day for submission is October 1, 2019.

Winner(s) will be contacted by phone or email.


The Oscar for Best Picture goes to…



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