Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

We are men, we are not machines in the world of greed.
Display love when the world lacks to display the peace.
We are more than flesh and bones, we are emotion.
We are happiness, love, hope, we are poetry in motion.

Humans are the greatest creations ever crafted,
But fail to maintain that statement due to our Actions.

Instagram got us self-conscious with our image.
Peer pressure got us acting like a bunch of amateurs.
The only thing on our mind is just to get rich
While, Twitter limits our creativity to 140 characters.

Someone told me that “America is the greatest country in the world.”
So I said, elaborate, what makes it so great?

Is it because we’re not even top 15 in education?
Or is it because we are top 5 in divorce rate?
Or is it because we are the “land of the free?” and you feel safe in this nation?
Then why do we rank number one in incarcerations?

The list goes on, y’all can look it up easily.
Not even top 15 in health care, but rank 5 in child obesity.

We take the number one spot in gun ownership,
And act surprised when we hear about another school shooting investigation?
Instead, just make it harder to own a firearm,
It’s easier to own a gun license then a high school education.

Are these the traits that make America great? That lose its mind when a knee hits the ground, while the anthem is played?

Wake up!
We need to get our priorities straight.

I’m just speaking truth, as matter of fact this is where I was born and raised.
So, of course I would love to see America great.
But not with a leader that’s leading today,
That cares less about his people and more about his toupee.

What ever happened to the values of the American dream?
We need more Martin Luther King’s and Muhammed Ali’s,
We need more people stepping up, and taking the lead.
You say, “America’s so great,” well then prove it to me.

Our debt is in the trillions, equality is an opinion.
We are aiding countries in weapons to kill innocent civilians.
These are just a few things that they don’t want you to see,
While the topic of discussion are the shows played on tv.

Wake up!

If you don’t think these are issues then you’re a part of the problem.
I said,
If you don’t think these are issues then you’re part of the problem.

What ever happened to the letter U in USA?
What ever happened to the trust we used to put in God?
What ever happened to land of the free and home of the brave?
What ever happened to liberty and justice for all?

Ignorance is what happened, and I can’t stress enough how much education is so important.
So that the next time we say “America’s great,”
let’s make sure that we have something to show for it.

Wake up!

By Hasan Hussein (Wizduhm)


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